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Sheena's Acres

Sheena's Acres is a new website and is under construction. Please visit again as changes will be happening often. We are located north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. On our acreage we have at present, three horses and seven Lac La Croix(pronounced Qua) Indian Ponies. The LLCI Ponies are our main focus at this time. It is a very rare and endangered breed of heritage pony that originated in the Lac Lac Croix region of Quebec. We have joined with other farms and Rare Breeds Canada in an effort to save this breed from extinction. If you have any questions about this wonderful breed of ponies or their origins you can reach us at our email: or by phone: 780-961-3355.

Meet the Ponies

Firefly - The Stallion
Firebolt - The Rare Mare
Nindi - The Pet
Star - The Old Girl